Monthly Archives: June 2012

The aromas of summer

Oh, the aromas of summer.

This is the season of sweet aromas; wafting about herb gardens, lingering in the warm orchards and casually sneaking its way into our awareness.   During the summer, when the fragrant flowers are at their most abundant stage, the garden is alive with butterflies, hummingbirds, squirrels, blue jays and even deer who are driven by the rising tide of aroma. The open landscapes of Carmel Valley allow for blackberries, wild fennel and genista shrubs to flourish into roadside attractions.

Some of Chef Cal’s favorite local flavors, aromas and Carmel Valley foliage:

Rosemary – Lavender – Elderberry – Honey – Grapes – Roses – Oak – Chanterelle mushrooms – Candy cap mushrooms – Pine – Fennel – Lemon – Sage – Mint – Verbena – Arugula – Walnuts – Pears – Raspberries – Blackberries…..

Zero Waste!

In its first week, Bernardus’ new food waste program diverted roughly 2,400 pounds of compostable materials from local landfills.   The success is due in part to a wonderful local non-profit called The Offset Project.  They have guided us all along the way; providing training in waste reduction strategies; and delivering necessary infrastructure, on-the-ground support, and documentation reports in order to achieve a zero-waste vision.  Our local Waste Management, hauls cooked and uncooked food scraps – fruits, veggies, meats, grains and coffee grounds – to the Monterrey Regional Waste Management District compost yard in Marina, expanding a commercial composting program. The truck even runs on methane gas captured from the landfill!

Be sure to check out The Offset Project’s tips for individuals can do to reduce their carbon footprint -

It has been an exciting few weeks, having re-opened Marinus after a week of refurbishment.  Our friends and Marinus regulars are sipping wine in the windows and enjoying the valley view once again.  The new menu is being positively received -  now offering top-shelf cuisine guests have long pilgrimaged for displayed in three themes: a vegetable-forward menu, seasonal menu spotlighting products of the hour and traditional menu with a riff on signature dishes.  A six-course tasting menu also offers diners the opportunity to turn themselves over to the kitchen for a spontaneous menu.

Eating is a necessity of life, so it follows that as much as possible, we ought to make this a daily pleasure. The refurbished Marinus now matches this philosophy with a comfortable, natural space that will continue to celebrate fine food and wine, as well as a celebration of terroir, of the Monterey Peninsula and Carmel Valley wine country, in particular.